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Minutes of D1 Meetings

AUGUST 2, 2022

Zoom and In-person

Pre-planning for 2022-23


AUGUST 21, 2022

Zoom meeting

Meeting of voting members to discuss 2022-23 season.


AUGUST 28, 2023

Zoom meeting

Planning for 2023-24

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

Phone meeting

Recap first rodeo
Plan for McArthure

Our Minutes: Coaches

JANUARY 15, 2024

Phone Conference Call

Shoot Out Follow-up
Future Rodeos

Our Minutes: Coaches


Updated 2023-24

What are bylaws? California nonprofit bylaws lay out the governing rules for organizations. Bylaws provide members with procedures for managing board of directors, taking votes, keeping company records, changing bylaws or structure, and more. 

We encourage all D1 members - contestant and associate - to review the bylaws annually. 

Our Minutes: Text
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